ROS? ape tu


it have been a long time since i wrote a new almost 2 months ago i think.Well,there a lot of things happened and i had no chance to sit and write to share what i have done.

The Raya is over.Its time to go back to school and doing my ROS( Rancangan Orentasi Sekolah).It is a 2 weeks program in our own selected school and we were asked to observe and look around the school to get to know and blend into the surronding and feel like a teacher in school. Luckily, i had  kak Ummi to do ROS together.So,at least i had friend to chat with.

i chose SMK Dato’ Razali Ismail,Kuala Terengganu which formerly called SMK bandar.First,becoz the school was my former school and secondly,the school is nearer to both of kak ummi’s and my house.thirdly,because,the school has a good reputation in discipline and academic compared to the other school in Kuala Terengganu excluding SESTER,SESMA and Sultan Sulaiman School.

Well,at first,it’s quite a boring day.Me and kak ummi had nothing to do.the first day in school was the day for hari raya celebration.So,all the students were wearing baju kurung and baju Melayu as it is hari Raya. We actually cannot recognize between teachers and students where everyone look indifferent.We’re thought by the teacher as students.

After a fews days,we  able to adapt the environment,with the teacher and the pupils. At first, feel quite funny to eat in the teacher cafe, a special room for teachers to eat. Well, i had been a student for 20 years. And now i have to act like a teacher.And, we still called the teachers ‘cikgu’ .

Guess what, we were asked to enter class in which their teacher is absent.You can do anything in the class whether to chat,do activities,teacher or play games as long as the pupils are under control and do not make noise.We called a relief class.The first class that i entered was 2 Al-farabi.I had lost control os the pupils.Huhu.I really had to learn the class control.

I als had the opportunity to observe good teacher.we called as Guru Cemerlang.They got the title for their excellent and good teaching skills.The teacher is really good.Before she allow her student to do the experiment.She demonstrate the experiment to the students first and give a clear instruction.Me and Kak Ummi were given an opportunity to give a short talk and motivation to the student and share our experience studying abroad. Well, quite fun!!.

Got to go now..i will continue next time ya


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