Yogyakarta Relief Mission 2009

Nak tolong Promotekan untuk DINA.sebab saya bukan budak Medic



The Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) was established in Malaysia in 1990 and acts as a professional organisation that comprises of medics, paramedics and medical students, who carry out Islamic oriented medical work. Members have participated actively in medical and welfare services in war torn Iraq , Bosnia , Chechnya , Maluku and more recently in Afghanistan , Iran , Sudan and Cambodia . In unison with the Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA) and MERCY Malaysia , medical aid and relief has been targeted to various areas of calamity.

A branch was then established in United Kingdom with the aim of gathering practising Malaysian medical professionals and students in United Kingdom & Ireland under one roof. Exclusively for the students, a student chapter was set up in both United Kingdom & Ireland offering various medical related activities and programmes.


The purpose of IMAM Indonesia Relief Mission 2009 is to provide aid in terms of basic necessity to the needy among the community in Yogyakarta , as well as providing a platform for medical students to get acquainted with precious medical skills and the experience of relief works. Besides that, this mission is also set to provide medical relief such as providing healthcare and increase health awareness, to cater to the needs of the community. The details of the mission are:

a)      Date: 9th to 16th July 2009

b)      Participant: 13 Malaysian medical students in UK and Ireland

c)      Venue: Yogyakarta

d)      Nature of the mission: Medical and social relief


3.1   For the target group

3.1.1   To provide free basic humanitarian and medical services with emphasis on   women and children

3.1.2 To increase medical awareness on issues such as personal health care, sexually-transmitted diseases and basic hygiene.

3.2 For student volunteers

3.2.1  To introduce students to the field of relief work

3.2.2  To allow students to experience real life problems and issues and tackle them    appropriately

3.2.3 To provide a training ground for students to work under pressure and working in teams

3.2.4 To fulfil the elective requirements of clinical year students

So,apa lagi,JOM!!..

kita rebut peluang ini.

Can pay the donation to:

IRM 09
Nuruldina Alia Samdin (UK)
Account No: 27166860
Sort Code: 30-98-93

Fatin Liyana Zainuddin (Ireland)
Account No: 89814659
Sort Code: 90-96-95

5 Responses to Yogyakarta Relief Mission 2009

  1. Aqil says:

    Ni..kak Ain Leeds ye? Terima kasih promotekan mission ni!

    ‘Aqilah Leicester

  2. Dina says:

    Salam kak ain,

    terima kasih banyak2 sbb tolong. Ni wat saya sayang kat akak, hehe:)

    • nectarbee says:

      I will alwiz try my best to tolong awak.Kan awk waris akak.hihi.oh ye,awk tahu tak farhah dpt Mara.medic.Alhamdulillah!!! 🙂

  3. Dina says:

    Wah, yeke. alhamdullilah. hehe… adik saya pun dapat jugak… sains aktuari kat taylor’s college. Jzkk akak for the info. hari tu dah melawat dah blog die tapi xsure camne nak leave comment. so, saya g kat shoutbox jela.~hehe

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