Tunas Taqwa


Alhamdulillah,on the 19 of April,MSM(mAjlis Syura MUslimun) were organising an event called Tunas Taqwa.It is basicly participated by children agen 3-15 years old.it was really an interesting moments,bcoz i had a really fun time and learn a lot of things from them.The ‘adik2’ are quite fluent in English as they used to communicate in english in school and it seems like english is their mother tongue.Some of them,did not know how to speak and understand malay at all even a single word!…Well,that adik2 need to be taught BAhasa Melayu like in MAlaysia,i think..

A lot of activities were held,eventhough i’m not the one who plan the event.We as kakak2 only being as a facilitator and to ‘kawal adik2 perempuan.we teach them how to read doa,how to take wudhu’ and how to pray.We also play games and sing our theme song ‘MY Mother’

 I think this program was really2 good especially for MAalaysian children in oversea because sometimes,thier parents does not have the chance to teach them and of course,all the ‘agama stuff’ are not taught at school.So,i think its really good for Undergraduate Students take a chance to offer and provide smothing to masyarakat and to adik2 yg kecik2.And We as org muda also can gain new experience.This is the way,we as young people can use our free times instead of watching tv and read about gossip that are actually do not give any benefit at all.

Even though,the children that participate are only 24 of them.But,we as kakak2 and abang2 dah pening kepala to control them because most of them are hyperactive!!!…Well,this teach me how to be patient and bear with the all karenah if adik2…When i see all those cute kids,i realized that i’m now entering a stage called adult…Whoaaa…Well,dulu2,i alwiz think,i’m still muda and teenager.BUt,now,i left the moment and dah masuk dah alam dewasa nie…huhuhu…

WhaT I learn is if you want ur kids to be a good soleh/solehah person.You have to be good and solehah first.Have you heard about a qoute,i’m not sure it is a hadith or just any qoutation

If you’re good and well behave.then ur kids will follows you(be well-behaviour) or maybe more baik..But if u’re bad and buruk akhlak,then ur kids will be more buruk akhlak than u..

So,lets kita berlumba utk be a good muslim and everything we do is for the sake of Allah.INsyaAllah


tunas taqwa april 2008,adik-adik yang comel2 belaka

tunas taqwa april 2008,adik-adik yang comel2 belaka


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